About Edie

Edie Sangiorgio


You’re probably here browsing around my site because you’re wondering how doing something like tapping could help you with your business. Let me share with you a little of my story.

I come from a very traditional western medicine family of healers. But I chose a different path.  Over the past 20 years  I’ve been introduced to a whole new field of study that deals with healing people starting at the emotional level. This field of study is called “Energy Psychology.” EP focuses on the relationship between our human experience (thoughts, emotions, memories, sensations, and behaviors), and known bioenergy systems (such as meridians and the biofield).

Tapping is just one of many energy healing techniques that is part of EP.

As part of my personal journey I have become certified in several areas.  I am a Level II EFT Practitioner, Emotion Code Practitioner and Life Coach. Each of these areas of study has given me knowledge and insights in how to approach our problems from a different perspective in order to find solutions that up until now have remained outside mainstream thought.

That is all changing!

More and more people are being exposed to non-traditional therapies and are experiencing amazing results.

It took me a number of years and study and personal experience to finally accept the idea that the root cause of what ails us and stops us in life, whether in our personal or professional lives, is trapped, unprocessed negative emotional energies. For years I could feel myself being held back in my work but felt a victim of some unknown force inside me that sabotaged my efforts.

I found tapping to be a great place to start the process of healing at the emotional level. It’s a simple to learn technique that helped me experience real shifts in my energy and gave me insights into who I was at a deeper level.

Tapping can be used on just about everything, whether it is emotional, mental or physical, because at some level it’s all connected.

My goal is to introduce tapping to entrepreneurs and show them how to use it to get to the root cause of what has been holding them back and stopping them from living up to their potential. Tapping helps people achieve a greater understanding of what they are currently experiencing and feeling. It helps unlock and release blocked emotions from the past. They are then able to focus on the “now” with more clarity and take productive actions that produce results. This is the ultimate feeling of success and fulfillment and living on purpose.

Get to know your purpose and start to live it!